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Friday, June 21, 2013

Respire Haiti

Respire is a Haitian Creole (and French) word which means to breathe and is pronounced Res-per-ray…
“The Spirit of God has made me, and the BREATH of the Almighty gives me life.” Job 33:4

Respire’s Story

Respire Haiti was founded by 24 year old Megan Boudreaux.  After visiting Gressier only one time before for about 45 minutes, God began working in her heart.  Later when she returned to the United States, He began to pull her heart back towards Gressier and the children there.  In December of 2010, God gave her a vision for this community and their children. With so many children not in school and so many families struggling to provide for their kids, she moved to Gressier permanently in January of 2011 and began helping the children and people of Gressier.

Read more about this amazing ministry HERE

Sid's Updates from his Visiting Orphans team of 13, that spent a week Loving Big at Respire Haiti:

Haiti day 1:
We started today off by going to a Haitian church. Always a Heavenly experience to worship in different languages.....can't wait to get to heaven and do it forever ! 
The view at church was awesome. Mountains rising out of the ocean clothed in lush green vegetation view ever in church. This afternoon we went to a tent city (La Colene) where we had worship, face painting, whiffle ball and of course soccer. The kids here ,many of young mothers , came out to play and had a grand time. Some of the biggest smiles and laughs you ever heard. This was the first time for a group to go in and interact with the kids. We were very well received and hope we left a little light in a very dark place. Thank you Lord for this day.

Haiti day 2:
Started with homemade cinnamon rolls at respire cafe. YU-MMY!! We trekked up Bellevue mtn. As we got closer we could hear the kids singing "This is the day that The Lord has made" at the top of their lungs. Beautiful sound for sure. The view from the top is absolutely gorgeous. 
We proceeded to set up our tent and had music/ game time with 3 different classes of kindergartners. We taught them how to play Little Sally Walker. All had a great time.
This afternoon we went to help with English classes. another great way that Respire is serving the Haitians. I am guessing about 60 folks came today. They were so excited and committed to learning English.
High point today was walking down the mtn. and singing praises to our King. I am so thankful to be " a child Of the one true King"

Haiti day 3:
Had a great nights sleep. I awoke with a fire this morning in my belly . We trekked up the mtn. and did bible stories and songs for the the kindergarten classes. The smiles , laughs, giggles and dance moves were off.tha.hook baby ! Watching the hearts of my team break and the God start putting them back together is n amazing sight and I feel so blessed to be witness to it.
Block party this afternoon was amazing. Kids of ALL ages came and listened as we did our skit and praised The Lord. The high point of my day was playing monkey in the middle (keep away) with 2 -20 yr old young ladies. The laughed and played like little brought tremendous joy to my heart to see them let down their guard and just have fun. Thank you Lord for today it was grand!! 

Haiti day 4:
Team was up and attem this morning! We had a great breakfast at respire cafe and the proceeded up the mtn. to do worship and bible story time with the yunguns. It was really good this morning (our 3rD time with all of them) we sang and danced and had a grand ole time!! 
English class this afternoon was a blast. We sang praise songs and then taught English class with the lyrics. Who'd a thought??? It was a Jesus fest y'all. Loved it. I was reminded today of how Big God is and how precious the gift of music is. Thank you Mom and dad for making me be in the choir in 5th grade when nothing in me wanted to and for the guitar in 1990. Life would not be the same without it. Thank you God for a blessed day.

Haiti Day 5:
Way festive spirit at school this morning as it was the last day if school ! We performed our skit and did worship with all 3 classes again....sweet times. Class parties and meeting a lot of the moms was great. Had a little impromptu worship session between classes with the moms ! 
We had another block party this afternoon. We had a great group of yunguns today. 
Ha a good game of Sally Walker to get acquainted and then a Great devo on prodigal son with the kids and some really Good worship. Afterward we had free time with lots of activities for all.
Highlight of the day: meeting little Edenka.. A beautiful 8 yr old girl with downs..... I just happened upon her and her aunt. More to come on this....thank you Lord for a great day.

Haiti day 6:
Well today we marched up the mountain baby! Big party for all. We got to see the kids one last time this morning. Such beautiful faces and smiles with a warm spirit. I have grown to love this place. The spirit of evil is very heavy here BUT we know that the battle is won....this is ReSpire Haitis mantra .....doing life with them this week has been so encouraging....they just love on people everywhere they go.
Our final English class was great this afternoon. It started raining while we were still on the mtn. so it was a slick trip down for sure. All in all it was a great trip. Highlight of the day was meeting and visiting with Edenka and her mom across the street from Respire here. Edenka is the girl I spoke of yesterday (8 yr old with downs) that God placed in our path.....thank you God for the extra chromosonal blessings you continually put in our path.

The Spirit of God has made with me and the 

BREATH of the Almighty gives me life. ~Job  33:4

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