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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day FUN!!!!!

Look what we made!!......The kids had fun decorating there own cupcakes & then of course eating them. Tate decided that Valentine's was a cool holiday after all, since he got cupcakes & candy; but he does NOT want any KISSES!!! That's totally gross he says... Sid & I had a romantic date to the Wash-em-Up laundromat to wash our bedspread that Emmy had pee-peed on & then purchase a Memory foam mattress for our bed. What a Romantic evening. LOL!!! Oh, I almost forgot...we went to Sonic too!! Aahhh, the luxuries of a moment away from 7 children. LOL

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Happy Valentines Day to ALL the people we love...........

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Lacey aka SWEETPEA!!!!!!!!!!



At 11:21pm on February 9, 1995 our 1st born came in to this world! It seems like just yesterday. We were only at the hospital a mere 20 minutes when she made her arrival, delivered by the nurse without a single push!!!!! She was ready to greet this world in a hurry and has never slowed down. She has grown into a beautiful, funny, sweet, outgoing, LOUD, compassionate, and loving young lady. She is a leader, a good listener, an amazing friend, a servant to others, and a great "Big sister". She will stand up for her family even when she is annoyed by them. She supervises the laundry room & makes sure we all have clean clothes when no one else remembers. She reminds her parents often when rules and chores are not just right, in case we don't notice. She always says "I LOVE YOU!" & would do anything for anybody. Today.....we celebrate 14 years of joy, fun adventures, tears, laughter & look forward to many more!!!! We are forever changed because of Lacey Shyanne Harper.

We love you & are very proud of you Sweetpea!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wendy's Nursing NEWS......

OK..... for those of you have not heard, I finally made some decisions on work. Wahoo!!!! So I just finished an entire week of hospital orientation which went really well. However, it was quite boring & I am thrilled it is over. lol week I start orientation in the NICU unit at night. I think I will love it but I have soooo much to learn. You can not walk into a NICU and see those tiny little gifts from God & not walk out a different person. How could anyone think there is not a GOD! I am also continuing to fill in at the eye surgery center where my patients are sweet little elderly men & women whom I also love very much!! And then in addition to that the college has hired me to tutor students & to help as a clinical instructor. How weird is that to go from student to instructor, and even weirder (is that a word) for them to call me Mrs. Harper!! Ha! Anyway, I guess if you can't make your mind up on one thing just do it all!! :) I feel amazed and blessed that everywhere God has placed me he has used me so much even in just the smallest areas. God has filled me with a new fresh desire to draw nearer to him & to depend on him for everything. To seek him more in prayer & to dig into his Word. I could not ask for more. An amazing husband, beautiful, healthy children, and a heart that longs to know Him more. May God Bless you & pull you closer to him.... Love ALL of you.... WH:)