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Saturday, April 18, 2009

We LOVE You Pavel!!!

The Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale was a SUCCESS!! We give all the glory to God & thank Him for every person that donated, helped, baked, prayed and made this fundraiser Awesome!! We raised $1686.70 to help towards the costs of The Spencer Family's Adoption & we are so excited. We know every little bit helps & we are thankful that we were able to contribute to getting Pavel home to his Mommy, Daddy & Sisters. We can't wait to see him here with this sweet family. Pavel's little life will be forever changed!!! We love you Jake, Amy, Ashley, Emily, Abby, Pavel, and Baby.
****Enjoy the slide-show of our weekend!****

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fundraiser Yard Sale Weekend... Wahoo!!

OK...The Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale is coming up this Weekend!!! God has been soooo good, and so many people have been so giving and donated so many items. Now we just pray for beautiful weather and for God to bring just the right people to purchase every item and take it home with them even if just to help sweet Pavel. We have actually had to stop accepting Large items because of lack of time & room. How AWESOME is that!! We are believing that God is gonna bless the day & allow us to Help the Spencer family Bring Pavel Home!!! We Love YOU Pavel!! Check later for the Post Yard Sale Update.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Parade Of Parks 2009...

So because sometimes it seems like we don't slow down enough to treat our kids to a nice afternoon to the park as a family we started "The Parade of Parks" Big fun for these kids!! We spent an entire Saturday traveling from city park to city park. Hopping out at each playgound with a set time to play & then back in to travel to the next fun spot!! We had a great time. 7 playgrounds, the duck pond to feed the ducks a bunch of stale bread, McDonald's playground & chix nuggets (which they rarely get), and MARC park which is there favorite! What an exciting day!! Filthy, sweaty & pooped!!! Poor Kenlie didn't quite understand the whole leaving & going to another playground, so as we departed from each park we all got to enjoy her having a melt down! lol Other than a little too much sun on our little redhead, it was an event we plan to continue. Next Time sunscreen!?!?!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mission Trip News..

Our long weekend Mission Trip to Galveston, Tx was Amazing. We worked our little bootys off & enjoyed every minute of it! We did everything from pulling up trees, cleaning out flowerbeds, & moving belongings into storage to laying insulation & putting up ceiling tiles at the church. It was a blessing to us to be able to help even in just a small way. We were amazed at how much the poeple of Galveston still are in such need. After 6 months I think a lot of people have moved on & just do not realize how long a road the community still has ahead of them. Please pray for the families of Seaside Baptist Church and the entire community. Pray that God will provide ALL their needs and then some. Pray for the Easter Sunrise service on the beach, that the weather and the attendance will be just as God sees fit. And especially pray for the pastor and his family that they will soon be back in there own home & making a fresh start! We thank God for allowing us the opportunity, and we thank all of those that helped out with our children while we were gone (Johnnie,, Molly, Nicole & Alicia) We are thankful for all of you!!!