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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Africa Bound!!!! Again :)

As many of you know we traveled to Rwanda & Ethiopia the day after Christmas and spent 2 weeks loving on orphans!!! The trip was amazing and Visiting Orphans was wonderful to travel with. Well, after much prayer and discussion we are headed BACK TO AFRICA!!!! December 27th we will  leave Texas with our 5 oldest children to return to visit the amazing children we ministered to last year, and we are SO EXCITED!!! (FYI: they also ministered to us) We want to encourage anyone reading this to prayerfully consider joining our team on this amazing trip. I promise your heart will be forever changed, you will fall in love with Africa, and you will be drawn closer to the face of God. Check out the Visiting Orphans site for details!!!!

Korah Village - Ethiopia
Gisenyi, Rwanda

"Is there ever the "perfect" time to take a risk? Probably not. But there's a perfect God in whom we can risk, imperfectly."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seeking Loving Family

We are advocating for a sweet boy who is in need of an immediate family preferably in Texas so he can keep in touch with siblings. D is 8 years old and has been in a foster home where he was to be adopted. D's foster family is now unable to proceed because the Dad is ill. Here is a little info about D followed by his sweet sweet pictures.Please share this info & contact me at for more details. Let's get this little guy a home ASAP!

Dustin is 8 years old.  He loves riding bicycles, playing with hot wheels and other cars.  He enjoys building things with building blocks/logs and Legos and loves playing with other kids.  He is an extremely affectionate, loving little boy and loves hugs! Dustin has been in foster care most of his life.  He had a forever home with his most recent foster parents until the father became very ill and they were unable to complete the adoption process. He currently lives in Midland. We are looking for a very special home that can offer plenty of care and attention, as Dustin has some learning disabilities and is being tested for autism. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The words that still ring in my ears as I think of the bumpy road that took us to and from Imbambazi Orphanage. Children came from everywhere lining the roads, chasing the bus, yelling the hopeful words...Agachupa!!!! What were the precious children begging for???? You guessed it!

Amazingly enough we had been saving all of our water bottles to put beads in them for the children to use as instruments, little did we know that a single water bottle would hold so much value. We tossed a few out the windows on the way into the orphanage and marveled at the excitement of the children who caught one and were saddened by those that did not. Such a huge privilege to have a plastic container to refill with water to carry with them to school, or to fill with cooking oil for their parents. After spending sweet time with the beautiful older orphans at Imbambazi we headed back down the same bumpy road, grateful that it was not muddy, only to see that more people had gathered to see the bus travel through their little community. This time we tossed every Agachupa we could find and watched as the children gathered them with shouts of excitement and joy! I will NEVER look at another empty water bottle in the same way again. I am still amazed at how something that we toss in a trash can daily could be life changing for someone across the world!

Recycle People!!!

Agachupa! Agachupa! Agachupa!!!!!!!!

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart' will
 flow rivers of living water. ~John 7:38