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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Week 2 ~ Hearing God's Voice... Holy Spirit

So even though we are well into Week 4.... Here's week 2 update that was lost somewhere in internetland never to be found:( Finally was able to sit down and type again....

Ah! Where to start. Week 2 has been seriously sweet. Putting into words all God has done & is doing in our hearts & our children's hearts is tough.

This week we dug in deep to God's word on hearing his voice and discussed the "3 Brothers" aka God, Jesus & Holy Spirit and how Holy Spirit is within us and we have to make ourselves available to Him. It was a week full of some incredible time in worship, the word + intercessory prayer, really learning to seek to hear God's voice in praying for others, as well as hearing God in our personal lives. Ya'll this week rocked my world! I began to seek God in a whole new way. Learning more about hearing god's voice and how better to study His word has altered my time with Him. I am excited about continuing to dig in deep and apply all God is teaching me to my daily life. No longer living life as a convicted sinner but as a converted saint.

A few things that stood out to me this week:

  • The Holy Spirit is our connection to Jesus {Christ In Me}
  • The Holy Spirit is our advocate
  • God is relational & personal
  • The Holy Spirit is the fulfillment of God's new covenant
  • Our emotions are our gift they should NOT be our guide

Have you given all of YOU to the Holy Spirit?

We ended the week with most of our campus volunteering at the Ironman World Championship Triathlon. Where we saw such dedication and inspiration. It was so fun to be a part of it & to even see God working among the workers & competitors. Here's a few pics...

Along the running/biking route
The Finish Line

 And some exciting news...

When we were planning to move here for Discipleship Training School we had said that we would just "make do" with Charlie & Levi attending public school. Taking them out of their school with their amazing teachers was SO hard. We thought, "well it's just 12 weeks it'll be fine." Our expectations were low and we knew nothing about the school here. But we serve a God who is in the details, who loves to surprise us and show us that we should seek him ALWAYS with expectation in ALL things. Not only do the boys get some of the services they recieved in the past but they also get Physical Therapy, One-on-one aides which allows for more inclusion, more one-on-one speech, a therapy dog, therapy ponies, snorkel day with Deep and Beyond from the YWAM campus, and the most exciting part Toby (Charlie's service dog) gets to attend school with his boy!!!! 

Update: Toby spent this past week attending school with his boy & Charlie had 4 great days in a row, was more focused, behavior was better, and the teacher said a marked improvement in his entire day. We were thrilled. Another bonus.... Even Levi's days were better! We are amazed at how having Toby with Charlie over every area of his life has transformed him. Woohoo! Go God!

Toby's first day of school
2nd day of school
 In the morning, O LORD, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch. ~Psalm 5:3

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Currently... Dying To Self

You know how we talk about starting fresh every day, taking up our cross, putting our selfishness aside and following Jesus? Yeah, That. Over the past week it has taken on a totally different meaning. Yes, I've felt like I've done this in the past, but there's always something that I've held onto for my own selfish reasons not even realizing that it's not mine to hold onto. It's ALL God! It's ALL about God! All of it! Lord, I pray that you will reveal the areas where I am selfish, help me to be a converted saint & not a convicted sinner, help me, my hubs & my children to hear from you like we never have before & most of all may we bring you glory in it all and lead people to you.

YWAM Week 1:

Family Night with our Trailblazers ~ Games, Food & Campfire Worship
Worship in The Prayer Room
Orientation with our family of 1500+
Where are your passions, dreams, sphere of influence?
Thursday Night Worship


appreciating ~ neighbors who share their extra fans (it's a tad humid here/no AC)

watching ~ my children make new friends from all around the world

reading ~ my bible

laughing ~  when there's 6 people in our 1 bathroom

eating ~ in a huge outdoor cafeteria (Church camp style)

attempting ~ to figure out our new schedule

dreaming ~ of sharing Jesus with people who have never heard the name 'Jesus'

planning ~ to buy stock in sunscreen or full body swimwear 

wondering ~ what God stories I'll be able to tell in 20 years

brainstorming ~ creative things to cook on a griddle & Crock pot since we have no stove/oven

wearing ~ shorts & tank tops

preparing ~ for another day of digging in deeper with God

continuing ~ to die to "SELF" daily so that I can glorify God more

making ~ new friends from Korea, Brazil, Norway, Finland, Hawaii, England, Australia...

remembering ~ when I thought this day would never come

getting ~ rid of more clothes:) Why did I bring all these?

studying ~ my bible

loving ~  our new "Ohana"{Family} All 1500 + of them

wishing ~ my besties were here to experience this

listening ~ to people worshipping outside my window

enjoying ~ the view from my window

hoping ~ I can speak truth into someones life every day

missing ~ my family & friends

praying ~ for a little more energy and cooler days

knowing ~ God has us exactly where He wants us

Some of my favorite quotes from the speakers we've heard this week:

"Where's the safest place to be in the world? Right where God wants you to be."
 ~ Dan Baumann

"There's no heart too hard for God" ~Dan Baumann

"I'd rather move forward and follow God than stand back with my insecurities" 
 ~Dan Baumann

"He is not our Savior unless He is first our Lord." ~ Fred Markert

The word "GO" is said 6000 times in the bible