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Friday, December 13, 2013

Find My Family Friday ~ Pearl

Every Friday I place a child waiting for their forever family on my blog in hopes that maybe their forever family will see them, that God will speak to their heart & that they will GO and scoop them up. Every week it's a struggle to choose. Every child is worthy, every child deserves a family. Praying today for every child that yearns to have a Mommy & a Daddy & to be LOVED.

Meet Pearl

This beautiful little girl is about 7 years old. Unfortunately she drank some lye and didn’t get proper treatment. Until recently her tongue was stuck to the roof her of her mouth. She has had surgery but it is unknown if she will now learn to talk. She is described as a very engaging little girl with a big smile.

to find out more about this beautiful little girl


  1. I tried to open the link to view more information about Pearl, and it went to an error screen on Reeces Rainbows. Could you please relink or send the info to me at your earliest convenience? I can provide my email if needed. Also, I tried to search Reeces Rainbow for Pearl, but it did not find her. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hi Jen, It looks like she has been removed from the photo listing. If you are interested in her I would definitely email Reece's Rainbow and inquire.