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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Missing Birthday Post x2, Plus...


We started December off with the celebration of two Birthdays. Sydnie celebrated her 15th Birthday & Tate celebrated his 9th. Another year flew by & now we've moved on to driving permit time. Seems just like yesterday I was doing this with Lacey. Well 2 down, a few more to go. Ha! I'm fully convinced that riding in the passenger seat of a motor vehicle with a child driver ages me more than anything. It is however great comic relief! FIFTEEN is a fun age no matter how you look at it. Right?

We love you Sydnie! We love your crazy ideas, your funny humor, your sarcastic tude, your experimental baking, and most of all your compassion for children. You are part of what helps keep this family in line, your an amazing sister & a loving daughter & we can not wait to see what God continues to do in your life. It's gonna be HUGE no doubt. You have a beautiful heart. Never let anything or anyone change that.
Happy 15th Birthday! Love you all the way to the moon.....

Oh, and Tate the Great!!! Seriously you are growing up to be such an amazing young man. Your heart is huge & your smile is too. I love watching you learn new things, I love listening to you trying to understand something that's beyond your years, and I love how fiercely you love the people around you. When I grow up I wanna be like you! Never, ever stop asking the millions of questions you ask. Because that's what makes you smart & what makes you who you are. Thank you for bringing us all back down to reality & reminding us what's important. We are SO proud of you! Happy 9th Birthday! We Love you buddy!

And... on December 19th
We celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary!!!!
Spectacular, crazy, adventurous, radical, complicated, messy YEARS!!!

It's been awesome and I can't wait for 20+ more!!!!

...and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. ~Mark 10:8

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