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Monday, July 9, 2012

Still here?!?!?!

Ha!  I really do love this blogging business. But. It. Is. Hard. to find time to sit down to share with all the kiddos home for the summer:/ We've had so much going on and our summer has been super fun so far. We got Lacey off to Africa where she is having a great time, Baylie has been with her cousin in Houston having a blast, Sydnie's been at the gym preparing for the upcoming gymnastics meet season, and the rest have turned into little sun kissed fish!!! We've been to a Texas Rangers game, six flags, family reunion, the river to play. We've had swimmers ear, bruises, scraps, ant bites, physicals, well-checks, MRI, upper GI, Ophthalmologist, Geneticist, GI doc and there's still more fun waiting rooms to sit in! (note sarcasm) ha! God has shown himself in so many ways here lately. We have made new friendships, spent time with old friends & new friends. We have had another mission trip yard sale to raise money for our Africa trip in December. (still recovering from that) and gotten another $1000 closer to our goal:) We are truly blessed and thankful to God for the good, the bad & the ugly. And I pray that our family will continue to bring Him glory in everything we do!!!!
Lacey on a motto in Rwanda
So far she's only gotten lost once!
Lacey & Alsion celebrating the 4th in Rawanda!
Our sweet friends with Their Babies!!!!!
The Girls! GO Rangers!!!

The Boys @ the Ranger's game:)

Six Flags!!!!
Father's Day 2012
The Little's Swimmin'
Dude!!! I LOVE swimming!!!!
Levi Excited about the horses!!!

Charlie - Hippotherapy Time!!! Yay!!!

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