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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Bynum School



This post is not only a plug for Charlie and Levi's school, The Bynum School, but also a huge THANK YOU to numerous people who have loved on our boys over the past few months, donated so they could attend an AMAZING school, and been a part of the transformation of two little lives. The Bynum School, "Where every child succeeds," is a private non-profit school for students with special needs that serves the entire Permian Basin. Their programs include Preschool, Elementary, TEENS and Vocational. The environment is unique and the staff is spectacular. Every staff member has a relationship with each child and they literally work their little behinds off to help the kids be everything they can be. Charlie and Levi have been incredibly blessed to be able to attend such a wonderful school, and they have learned so much in such a short amount of time. The boys receive therapies such as Speech, OT, PT, Music Therapy, Water therapy, hippotherapy, Multiple therapies at MCRC, and "Big Fun" therapy at Next Level Gymnastics. So, as you can see The Bynum School has become a part of our family and the boys are thriving there. Our goal is to keep the boys enrolled, so that means we begin the fundraising to pay tuition so that they can continue to get all the therapies and services that they are currently getting:) If you are interested in making a DONATION, check the sidebar for the address & look for a DONATE button coming soon:) We will also be having a YARD SALE in JUNE and will be taking donated items to help raise tuition:) Stay tuned for the date and save those items!


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