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Monday, June 8, 2009

Washers & Cameras?!@?!@?!@

OK....So I still am without a camera. Uuugh!!! Shopping on ebay daily. Hoping just maybe one will pop up for Free! (Ha! We can dream can't we?). Our latest death in the family was our 14yr old WASHING MACHINE! God Bless that washer, it must have been worn out after all the years of running day in & day out. LOL Sooooo........Thank God for our Emergency Fund (Thanks Dave Ramsay). I am now the proud owner of a Maytag LARGE capacity front load washer!! WooHoo!!! Oh the things we get excited about -----washing machines, 15 passenger vans, hand-me-down clothes. Thankful for them all. Now I just pray for a camera so I can continue to document in pictures the insanity of our Amazing life:) Patience... Summer is officially in full force. I think yesterday was the first day the kids were not in the pool all day. They already look like little tan beach children with blonde highlights. (except poor Kenlie who actually received the gift of white skin that fries from me) Pics will follow soon:( Kenlie will be 2yrs old @ the end of July, and she LOVES the water. She can actually swim. It's really amazing. She is like the Energizer Bunny though. We eventually have to get her out because she is just exhausted & starts appearing as if she's drowning. HA! Tate is finally swimming like a little fish, so now we just have to get that little Emmy to give up the floaties & put that face under water; then we will have have 7 kids that can swim!!! Wahoo!!! :) Hope everyone is having an AWESOME summer!!! Be Blessed!!!!!!!!

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