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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunshine, swimming, salamanders, turtles, rattlesnakes, fourwheeler's & barbed wire!!!

Another amazing Memorial Day with the Family. The entire weekend was just FUN!!! So nice to just hang out and spend time together as a family. Of course with the Harper family there is ALWAYS a little drama. You know never a dull moment. Saturday the kids helped unload an entire truck of feed for the cows. Not only does it make you very itchy, but now there is feed all over my van where children decided to unload there boots & britches of cow feed. Ha! We did however find a very cool salamander in the feed. Tate said, " feels like a wet balloon". I agreed. While torturing the salamander, I mean playing with the salamander Landri (my niece) had a close encounter with a diamondback rattlesnake!!! I of course thought she was crying wolf until I looked at her face and saw 5 more children running away from a huge pile of wood. Sid & Kenny with their manliness of course had to catch & kill the 5 foot long snake. ( you can checkout those videos on FB) I will not put them here. Then there is the sweet little turtle named Ashley, that is now lost in the backyard, but is sure to show up again soon (probably in a dogs mouth!) Sunday...we did make it to church & then Jonathan decided we were gonna play the Dr. Seuss trivia game. If you have not played that game, let me just warn you that it takes approximately 2.5 hours to play it. (and that was with me picking the easy questions) LOL Monday...we slept in late. Wahoo! I think it was 8:30. Anyway, then off to the ranch to feed the horses and cows & then to the pond to swim & ride four wheelers. Let's just say the rest of the afternoon was full of lots of fun, a snake under the table close to a 2yr old, and Sydnie & Emmy crashing into a barbed wire fence!!! Emmy survived with only a tiny scratch & Sydnie with only a dozen scratches on her arm & hand & a Tetanus shot in her arm. Good Times....Ahhh...the life of a Mom of "7".

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  1. Oh my!! Yes this does all sound crazy but yet strangely typical for the life of the Harper 9!!! Love you guys!!!