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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Parade Of Parks 2009...

So because sometimes it seems like we don't slow down enough to treat our kids to a nice afternoon to the park as a family we started "The Parade of Parks" Big fun for these kids!! We spent an entire Saturday traveling from city park to city park. Hopping out at each playgound with a set time to play & then back in to travel to the next fun spot!! We had a great time. 7 playgrounds, the duck pond to feed the ducks a bunch of stale bread, McDonald's playground & chix nuggets (which they rarely get), and MARC park which is there favorite! What an exciting day!! Filthy, sweaty & pooped!!! Poor Kenlie didn't quite understand the whole leaving & going to another playground, so as we departed from each park we all got to enjoy her having a melt down! lol Other than a little too much sun on our little redhead, it was an event we plan to continue. Next Time sunscreen!?!?!

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