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Monday, January 19, 2009

BUGS, Japanese, & G.W. Bush.....

We have officially made it through 5 days of the 2009 stomach bug!!! And for those of you that have had it, my heart goes out to you. lol. Out of our 9..... 6 down 3 to go. I have prayed it away for those last 3, (hopefully) cause it is truly miserable. I will spare you the details. Anyway..... Kenlie has finally found her voice this week. She has gone from saying only a few single words to talking in complete sentences!!!! The only problem is we think it's all in Japanese. lol... I wonder if they make a book to translate baby japanese for parents to understand. Tomorrow President Bush is "Coming Home".... for those of you that don't know he & Laura are from the big West Texas city of Midland, TX. So the schools get out at 1:00 tomorrow & there is a big celebration with live music & activities, followed by a speech from the President himself. Of course by then he will now longer be the President of our country. I pray for our new President Obama to believe & receive Jesus Christ & that the CHANGE that he brings about will come straight from the top!! Remeber to pray for all the leaders of our nation.... Blessings to you all... Have an incredible week!!

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