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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

38 Hours 'Til I'm Official...HOPEFULLY!@?!@?!@?

So....I took the dreaded NCLEX this morning!!!! That's the boards for RN in case you don't know. Whew!!!!!! Way hard!!! So now I wait 'til friday morning to find out if I passed. I'm counting down the hours. lol ~~~ Cool thing about becoming a nurse is there are so many options, the NOT so cool thing about being a nurse is not knowing where you want to work & trying to decide where God wants you to work. Hard decision for this girl! Pray that God paints a clear picture for me & QUICK! Ha! Ha! I love change, but it's not always easy. So Amy...Here's one to add to your "WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO PORTRAY YOURSELF AS A GOOD MOM" list. #26 Do not graduate from Nursing School, diagnose your child (who has a huge bruise on her head) with a "Little virus", finally take her to the Dr. after 6 days & find out she has a upper respiratory infection & a double ear infection. We all make mistakes RIGHT?!?!?


  1. Whew! Thats a big #26! Sounds like something I'd do. :) And hey, thanks for adding my button!

    Can't wait for an update friday morning! *wink*

  2. Akuna matata-no worries my highly favored of God friend I believe you will have a good report in less than 24 hrs. Yahoooo!:)