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Sunday, October 9, 2011

One Year & God's HOPE

Today as I walked off the airplane returning from Haiti, I see smiling faces waiting patiently to hug my neck & I realized that One Year Ago today I was getting off the plane with Charlie & Levi. What a wonderful day that was! One Year? Wow! Oh, how time flies & i am amazed at how much we have been blessed with over that year. As we celebrate the Year Anniversary of the boys being home, God continues to reveal so much to us and teach us so much every day. My 8 days in Haiti was amazing, filled with sweet moments of seeing God's redemption, and sad moments of seeing those who God loves deeply abandoned, neglected, starved, searching for something. My prayer for Haiti and the precious people that live their is that God will fill them with Hope. That they will see that God is their healer, their protector, their Hope in this earthly world. I pray that God will continue to break my heart for what breaks his, to spur my passion for the orphan, the widow, and for justice in a world where millions are suffering.
Baylie spent the weekend at Extreme Leader camp for the 6th graders. It was so refreshing to hear her stories and hear how much she learned about how God can use her to make a difference in the lives of others. I am so proud of her for being such an encourager to her friends and helping them to see that they can do things that are out of their comfort zone or scary. I am so grateful to my heavenly Father who has touch her heart & is growing her everyday.
And..the hubby did an amazing job managing the circus while I was gone:) I am SO blessed to have such an amazing godly man that encourages me, loves me, and listens to every crazy thing I know hope God is leading us to. I Love you more than words can express & I can not wait to see where God leads us next!

Haiti In Pictures
Coming soon:)

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