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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blessed with Friends

So yesterday I was honored to be able to share over at Gloriously Ruined. It was so great to be able to share a little piece of what God has done in my heart. But I just had a share a a little bit more... 

When God moved us back to Texas after 13 years in Nashville, even though I knew it was where God wanted us, It. Was. Hard. It was amazing to be around family and see them on a regular basis (and still is) but for a long time I went through a grieving process. We had left the place where we had started our life together, we had left the place were 6 of our babies were born, & we had left a church family that we loved fiercely! It felt good to be in Texas but I felt so disconnected. Through nursing school I found some beautiful friends that I'll treasure forever. My study buddies, my cry on your shoulder how will we ever graduate friends that helped me get through school with a hubs, 6 kids & a baby in my belly. What a blessing those ladies were. I realize now that those friends were sent by God at just the right moment to give me just what I needed. I am forever grateful for that. Soon school was over, we drifted our separate ways & I again reached out to my besties in Nashville. I called them to share the daily stuff, what God was doing, what God was not doing (LOL), and schemed with them on how I was gonna get my family back there! I mean that must be where we are suppose to be since my heart yearned for it so. Not! God had planted us here in a dusty west Texas town and He was not ready to reveal to me why. {More on that later}

One day 2 years ago I realized that this is where God has me, this is where He is using me, this is where He wants to grow me. I realized that God wanted me to seek Him more, that He was my Bestie, and that I needed to quit seeking after earthly friends to fill a void. So that is exactly what I did. I began seeking Him like crazy, Learning more about who He is, and relying on Him for EVERYTHING! And.... Just. Like. That. God began strategically placing amazing friends right in front of me. Like minded friends. Friends who dream big, love like Jesus, and support Every. Single. Crazy. thing I do. Friends who make me laugh, tell me when I'm bout to fall of the edge & who send me back to Jesus when I stray. I'm not sure how I deserved such amazing girls, but I love everyone of them & I am thankful that God sought me out when I felt like I had no friends to share life with. I have a list of 14 women I pray for daily. 4 of my Nashville Peeps & 10 of my Texas Peeps. Seriously! One amazing friend would have been a blessings, but No. God gave me a list of friends to fill every area of my life. He gave me an abundance, more than I ever expected & more than I deserved. Grateful today. Filled with joy, peace & contentment.

Oh... and God's reveal was obviously that he needed us here to grow us, equip us & connect us with other people that He was preparing to move across the big pond to evangelize, educated & love on the people of South Sudan. Who Knew? Only God. 

Here's to another grand adventure led by an Almighty God who loves me unconditionally & desires to use me regardless of my inabilities. Can't wait to meet new friends on another continent & share how Jesus has changed me!

"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us" ~Ephesians 3:20

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