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Friday, August 2, 2013

Mission Field In Your Home

We weren't exactly sure what to expect when God lead us to host an orphan from China for the summer. It sounded a little weird, a little unusual & maybe even a little hard. But 3 weeks in & this little man has been a blessing. He has had no problem adjusting to being a part of a family, he is super smart, artistic, funny & happy. He is understanding more and more English every day. He loves pretty much every food we've offered and I’d say hot dogs & chips are his favorite American food. We have had so much fun watching him experience so many firsts.

First Hot-dog, hamburger, pizza, watermelon etc.

First time in swimming pool
First time in jumper

First time to see ocean/beach

First time to see giant sea turtles

First time to experience a family vacation

So, So many firsts….

Can’t wait to see how the remainder of his time here goes. No matter how hard that day will be when we hug him one last time before placing him on a plane back to china. It. Was. Worth. It!! If you've ever heard or thought of hosting or exchange programs or adoption, or, or, or….. Say YES to pouring into the life of a child, say YES to sharing your family with a child, say YES to sharing the love of Christ, & say YES to inviting the mission field into your home.

You are Loved Sweet Boy!

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