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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday Lacey!!!

I remember every detail to that night 17 years ago. Nothing really went as planned and I am so glad because I wouldn't have such an interesting story to tell...
            One week before my due date at around 6:30pm Daddy & I met my friend Nanci at the mall to walk. After about an hour I started feeling small pains that seemed quite regular. We kept walking. Your Daddy with his watch out was getting a little more excited with each contraction. Finally around 8:00 we headed home thinking maybe it was time. As soon as we arrived at home I decided I was going to see if a shower would help me feel better. It didn't! So I started gathering things together thinking that we would possibly be headed to the hospital during the night. Daddy had everything set up in the living room just like we had talked about in Lamaze class. Soft music, a towel, a picture to focus on, something to massage my back with, and anything else he thought we might need. Our goal was to labor at home as long as possible. Since you were our first I finally decided to call the doctor. I stayed on the phone with her through 2 contractions that were 3 minutes apart and really hurting. She said, I think since this is your first I want you to go ahead and head to the hospital. Your Daddy was so disappointed that their would be no Lamaze techniques being used at home. Ha! But quickly realized that things were progressing quite fast. So as I walk out the door, he remembers that our trash pickup day is the next morning. Oye! Well at that very moment the pain increased and I made my way to the car and patiently waited for him. The 20 minute ride to the hospital seemed SO long. I felt every bump and really thought we would never get there. We arrived at 11:00pm, where the registration lady quickly realized I needed to go straight up to L & D. As the elevator doors opened I was greeted by about 4 people & whisked off to a delivery room. AND.... 21 minutes later you were delivered By. The. Nurse!!! LOL In that 21 minutes things got a bit crazy and I even heard a nurse say, "Don't Push!" Yeah right! One push and you were here & our lives were FOREVER changed. It was AWESOME & AMAZING and it seems just like it was just yesterday.

Lacey, You bring us so much JOY. Watching our first born grow from a newborn into an amazing young lady is beyond words. We are so proud of you and thank God everyday that he placed you FIRST in our lives. You are the leader of the tribe, a faithful sister, a defender of your brothers & sisters, a fierce friend, a lover of justice and a mighty young woman of God. May this next year be more than you could have ever dreamed of, may God bless you in everything you do & may you grow to love Him more every day!

We Love you Lacey!!
Happy Birthday!

Dad, Mom, Sydnie, Baylie, Jonathan, Tate, Charlie, Emmy, Levi, & Kenlie

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