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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Jonathan!!!

9 years ago today our FIRST son was born into this world. Even after 2 ultrasounds both saying that our 4th baby would be a boy, I wouldn't believe it until he was here. So after waking up with my waterbreaking and a strong contraction at 4:45am, driving 100mph on the interstate thinking I was gonna have you in the car, & walking into the hospital and delivering you 20 minutes later at 6:45am, I was ecstatic to see "A Baby B-O-Y!" Boy were there a lot of tears over this sweet little bundle of boy:) From that day on you have been a joy. You are growing into such a mighty little man of God, and we are so proud of you. Thank you for being such a good big brother, thank you for loving your sisters in such a sweet way & thank you for smiling that silly smile & saying "whatsup?" to me every morning.  You are an amazing young man & we are SO proud that God made you part of our family. Dude! You Rock! Oh, and daddy & I look forward to sitting in the stands(for free) and watching you pitch in Ranger Stadium one day;)

Happy 9th Birthday JoJo!!!

We LOVE you!
~Daddy,Mommy,Lacey, Sydnie, Baylie, Tate, Charlie, Emmy, Levi & Kenlie

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