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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UPDATE: Extreme Blessing

We are 13 days into the Extreme Makeover that our family, friends & community have blessed us with:) It has been truly UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! So many sweet people have blessed us with their labor of love; painting, texturing, repairing, changing, ripping, hammering, redoing, decorating, etc., etc....Every room has been redone with creative loving hearts & when I walk through each room I am amazed at how perfect every room is for each child! So, So, So Sweet!! We even had a local business with wonderful employees take up a donation to put new flooring in, and they presented us with a check to pay for ALL the flooring!!!! Totally Awestruck with what every person involved in this blessing has done. We are honored and blessed to the max! Our cup overfloweth! Sid asked everyone to write scriptures on the concrete so that once the flooring was layed we would be ALWAYS standing on God's Word:) So Cool! The floors a being installed today & it is really coming together. I can't wait to hang pictures on the walls and spend our first night in our HOME. It is so exciting to see our children running & playing and enjoying all the space & I expect to have a BIG Thank You COOKOUT in the near future! We love EVERYONE that has a played a part in this & are excited for you to continue to follow our family's ADVENTURE's!!!

Pictures COMING SOON!!


  1. AW, that is absolutely wonderful!!! I can't wait for pictures. And what a creative idea to put scripture on the floor! :-)