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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glasses #1

Day 1 - wore them for approx 5hrs with strap & appeared to LOVE them

Day 2 - Went to school, wore for 1 hour & then bent them & threw them across the room losing ear piece, went straight to get them repaired, put wrap around ear peices on

Day 3 - wore them to school, 2hrs, lost strap,bent leg, straight to get them repaired

Day 4 - wore to school 2 hrs, lost nose piece, straight to get new nose piece

Day 5 - bent into unrecognizeable metal, straightened them ourselves, they will never be the same!

*Somebody tell me where I can find the cute little rubber frames???

Cute Huh???

I will tell you that he was fitted incorrectly. Temple length too long & lens size to large. (Now I know) I have learned my lesson. Even after the wrap around temples were put on they still never touched the back of his ear & they would not stay up unless we put a strap on tight, which then caused the nose piece to dig into his nose. Oye! I do think he liked the fact that he could see, but was frustrated with the poor fit.


  1. Ah, the joys of glasses. I'm sure I've told you the many places that my Danny has hid his glasses (in the oven, under sofa cushions, in the toy box buried deep, under his mattress, under his bed)..I could go on and on. He has also popped lens out, twisted beyond recognition and stomped on them. Let's just say he doesn't like them. However, he will now wear them from when he gets up through the entire school day. When he gets home..he takes them off. For now, I'm ok with it...cause we've made progress. Once Levi realized he sees better and he gets used to the feeling of wearing will hopefully see an improvement. I think the place you might be looking for is (specs4us) I know alot of kids in the Ds community wear them with good results.

  2. Just want to say....He is adorable!!!

  3. Just a thought...You could get rec specs. they are plastic frames with a stretchy band on them. They are used by kids and adults for recreation.. I use a pair when I go on the lake on a seadoo because i see better in glasses. Rec specs are sold at most doctors offices and some walmarts...