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Saturday, March 27, 2010


*** The following is a personal update from Sid's dad Johnnie who has been battling cancer & all that goes along with it for 7 months. Grab your tissue & prepared to be BLESSED!!! ***

Good Morning Everyone,
God has brought us wonderful news! My PET scan results from wednesday came back and showed that I am CANCER-FREE! I give God all the glory for this miracle that He has worked in my life. Beginning with the very first day when Dr.Viney came out of surgery and told my family that I would be very fortunate to survive the surgery. God began working his miracles from that first day........I was awake less than 2 hours after the surgery and Dr.V. told us that he was prepared for me to be unconscious for 2 or 3 days. The fourth day the doctors were in for another suprise when my drastically altered digestive tract sprang back to life. They took me out of intensive care on the fourth day and the next big hurdle loomed.....Molly's wedding. I told Molly I would be able to make the wedding, Don't think she or Jerita believed me but I was going to give it my best shot. The wedding took place 17 days after my surgery and(special thanks to Dr.Viney) I did in fact make the wedding. I walked her down the aisle at Golf Course Road. One of the great memories of our lives. Don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd. It has now been a few days over 7 months since I entered the hospital for the surgery and I have had 7 rounds of chemo, 42 blood transfusions(last 4 weeks) and God has blessed me with the opportunity to be healed from this dreaded disease. God's never ending love has been with me from the have my wonderful doctors.....and last but not least....many,many prayer warriors have kept my spirits up and I have absorbed the many bumps in the road along the way that were INDEED blessings.....not just bad days along the way. The chemo has done its work.... at a price to me but the price could never have been too high to make it all worth it! Tougher our circumstances become in the life..... the tighter and tighter we should cling to our God. He has promised to never give us more burden than we can bear..... and though at times I began to wonder.... my faith in him and the countless prayers of you all have always kept me on the path that ahs brought me to this day. God is Great! The eradication chemo is still working in my body as it is still destroying my blood, platelets and magnesium. I continue to recieve these products every few days. However, the past 7 days now I have had a slow but steady increase in my energy that I really needed. Jerita and I are now going out in the the car....and driving around parts of Dallas that have grown from our days here in the early 70's. Up until then I only had energy to move around the apartment from my bed to the couch and back and forth. This went on from the time we came to the apartment. We knew it would end, it always has. The last round of chemo(6 days of chemo 10 times the strength of any chemo I had taken before) was intended to kill everything even resembling cancer along with all my white blood cells, platelets, whole blood, magnesium and a few other trace elements that our body needs. This sent my immune system back and running on its own. We belive the chemo is near its end with my energy level gaining ground over the past week. We are now in the 7th week post stem cell transplant and few of Dr.Berryman's patients have endured the effects for even this long. No matter....What it is..... and it is all of Gods precious plan. We would like to believe that Dr.B might let us come home this week and we are praying that will be the case but we will find out Tuesday at our appointment. We are so ready to come home. When I get home I will be somewhat isolated won't be able to have but a couple of vistors at a time and no contact. Not sure how long this will go on but whatever it is will be fine. Just to look some of you in the eye again will do my heart immeasurable good. I have recieved many stories from people who have been blessed by seeing God work in my life and for this I give all thanks to God for allowing me to be a small instrument in his ministry. All that has happened to me in the past 7 months has been a blessing to us. Instead of being angry and blaming whatever we want for bringing the cancer my way I give thanks to God for using me and continuing to use me to help build faith in others who have found themselves in similar situations. With God all things are possible.

Love and Blessings to each of you......
Johnnie and Jerita

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