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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baylie - Tonsils = NO more STREP!!!

Baylie Was Such An Incredible Patient this morning!!! She even had the choice to go back to surgery & get happy gas and then have her IV put in or she could get the IV put in before she went back. She chose to have it put in before!!! She said she wanted to watch them put it in!!! Followed by telling them that she is gonna be a Doctor when she grows up. The recovery room however, was not so fun! She was crying & throwing a fit & the pain meds were not doing the trick. From the very loud mouth of a child that just had her tonsils out... "I Need Water!!!!...I Need WATER....I NEED WATER!!! & I Wanna GO Hoooome!!!...Take ME Home!!!!" On the elevator back to her room she asked "When are they gonna take them out?" She finally calmed down enough for them to return her to her room, where she got a little more Demerol, followed by Zofran for the vomiting & Benadryl for the rash of unknown origin:( What a brave little girl!!! We Love You BAYLIE:)

1 comment:

  1. Bring on the ice cream! Popsicles please!
    Get well soon Bailey!

    Love you, the Hollingsworth Clan!