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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Currently... Updating. It's been a while:)

Our plan was to post weekly updates. Ha! We had no idea our days would be so packed and staying on top of that has been difficult. Here are little bits and pieces of some of the incredible things we've learned, heard and seen over the past few weeks. We just completed week 7 of the lecture phase and have 5 weeks left before we depart with our team to Northern Uganda for 10 weeks of outreach. Every week has been so good and we have learned so much more about the Character & Nature of God, Identity in Christ, Hearing God's voice and Lordship of Christ. We are so thankful for your continued prayers.

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So Proud of ALL of these kids!


appreciating ~ all that God is teaching us here

watching ~ kids hearts transforming

reading ~ Imprisoned in Iran by Dan Baumann {everyone should hear him speak}

laughing ~  at Levi laughing at himself

eating ~ chicken A LOT!

attempting ~ to squeeze a lot of stuff in every day

dreaming ~ God Size DREAMS

planning ~ for our future, but letting God lead the way

wondering ~ what Thanksgiving in Hawaii & Christmas is going to look like

brainstorming ~  creative ways to repack for Uganda

wearing ~  the same clothes over and over

preparing ~ our hearts to leave new friends

continuing ~ Doing the laundry!!

making ~ friends from everywhere

remembering ~ how much I love Fall & Missing it

getting ~ Stoked about heading to Uganda--5 weeks!

studying ~ the word

loving ~  my hubs ALOTTT

wishing ~ that God would turn on the AC in Kona

listening ~ to Bethel's YOU MAKE BRAVE album

enjoying ~ My new ROCK STAR STATUS BABY!!!

hoping ~ to find a bargain on rain jackets x10

missing ~ Tex-Mex, Chick-fil-a & sweet tea

praying ~ for peace in South Sudan

knowing ~ that God is in control

Some of my favorite quotes & points that stood out to me the past few weeks:

  • The Gospel is Freedom. Freedom is the Gospel
  • We should go against anything that get's between us & LOVE.
  • Do you have enough faith to walk around the walls of Jericho for 7 days?
  • Stop looking at sin and look at Him
  • The ALL of your surrender will be the measure of your experience of the ALL of Jesus!
  • LORDSHIP of Christ is knowing Jesus, having a heart like HIs, Acknowledging & hating sin, taking up the cross, denying self, and following Him
  • At the end of the day have I displayed God's character or just mine?
  • We spend so much time trying to pay the bill, but Jesus already paid the bill

And of course some pictures of class time, worship time & play time...

Darlene Cunningham co-founder of YWAM sharing her heart

Darlene shared so many incredible stories of making how we must make ourselves available & let God do the rest. So many things stood out in her teaching. Here's a few that really encourage and spoke to me personally:

  • We do the possible expecting God to do the impossible.
  • The amount of effort you make is the amount of miracle you'll receive.
  • The safest place for your kids is for YOU to be in the will of God.
  • Do you have a better plan for your kids than God?
  • Your brokenness gives you a greater capacity to LOVE God.
  • Perseverance leads to Faith.
Loren Cunningham co-founder of YWAM sharing God's story

And this man I could listen to his stories for hours...

  • God is on a mission of Restoration
  • Our goal is to be disciple makers
  • Be careful with the short-term. Live for the LONG-term
Placing our feet in ALL Nations and praying for the World 

This is by far one of the coolest things I've ever been a part of. We spent an hour prayer walking over all the nations. Such an amazing time.
Levi worshipping
Mark Nelson ~ Bringin' It at FREEDOM Week!
Super cool Bayan Tree! We had to climb it.
A few crazies jumping off a 40ft cliff
These two cuties at black sand beach 
At Queen's Bath practicing snorkeling 
Every day God paints the sky

"Faith is trusting God's character when life has given you a reason not" ~ Corrie Ten Boom

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