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Monday, August 29, 2016

We just want to know we haven't been forgotten

**We were so amazed with these sweet kids. Mom + baby and 8 children came out of South Sudan to the refugee camp for safety. Mom left the wood poles and the tarps while she left to take baby to the doctor a few hours away. These brothers and sisters worked together to sew this 'home' together. The oldest brother(14) is cooking and caring for all the younger while mom is away. She will be so proud when she returns and sees how well they've done.Heavy black heart They are my heroes. Please pray for this family and the thousands of others just like them that have left their 'homeland,' and pray that we may be a light to them.

Greetings from Uganda!

We have had our feet back in Uganda for 6 weeks. Everyone has settled in nicely and we are ready to start our new school year. The kids have all adjusted well and have only struggled with some boredom. School will fix that I am sure. Thank you for continuing to pray specifically for our children as we begin a new homeschool year with a new curriculum + a new teacher.

So much is going on here and we feel that we need to share more details with you so that you can specifically pray for the people we work with here in Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Below are updates on the YWAM bases that we work with in South Sudan. Some have evacuated and some have stayed. Please join us in praying for these families as many are separated and many have no idea when they will be able to return to their homes.

The following was compiled by our fellow YWAMer John Wright and it gives a good break down of what is happening currently with the 4 South Sudan bases. Our Arua Uganda base it quite full and we are loving on and encouraging those who are here with us.
The outbreak of fighting has had a serious impact on our YWAM teams across South Sudan.  The photo above shows the team we had in Juba, including a South Sudanese/French family, Paremmi and Nathalie (on the right) and their 3 children, who had previously been in Malakal when the fighting broke out there several years ago. The flighting in Juba broke out while Nathalie and the children were visiting friends with MAF. They ended up staying in the MAF compound while the fighting continued on the streets outside. After a number of days they were able to get to the French embassy, and from there were flown to Entebbe, Uganda. We were able to organize a taxi to pick them up and bring them to Arua where they are now. Paremmi has chosen to remain in Juba to protect their house from looting. Other South Sudanese staff have also chosen to remain.  
In Wau, in the northwest of South Sudan, the fighting in Juba sparked off similar fighting between the Dinka and non-Dinka. All of the local people sent their families to the villages, a place of relative safety. Christopher and Hanan, who lead the new team in Wau, are from a different part of South Sudan, so with nowhere to go, they felt unsafe. With the generosity of the supporters in the US and the help of AIM AIR we were able to fly them out of Wau to Arua. It was all touch and go as the government at first was not allowing South Sudanese out of the country. But God opened the door and they are now here in Arua.
In Yei, things have been quieter. With very few Dinka in the town, the Dinka have felt unsafe and (both civilian and military) have largely remained in the army barracks. However, many young Kakwa men have been joining the rebels. Although they have lacked firepower they are an increasing and unknown force. Incidents of robbery and lawlessness have increased. However on the YWAM Base they had just started a Discipleship Training School with eleven students. Staff were pouring their hearts into the students. With all the insecurity and rumours flying around town the foreign staff (six staff and two children) eventually and reluctantly, decided to come out of South Sudan to Arua. For our friends, the Becks, this was their second evacuation from South Sudan in three years. The South Sudanese staff have for now decided to remain in Yei. However access to food is becoming a problem as there is very little being brought into the town, so prices are rising. They are now thinking of trying to get their families out of Yei. 
In Lobone, in Eastern Equatoria there has not been any fighting, however, it seems that the local leaders and administration in the region have sided with the rebels. Everyone remains on edge because they don't know if an attack is coming. For our YWAM team, most of the staff are now in Uganda, in a town called Kitgum, although it is still possible for South Sudanese to move back and forth to Lobone.
We have been going to the Rhino Refugee Camp weekly helping in practical ways, listening to stories and encouraging those who have been forced from their homeland. The stories are hard, the people are strong and they simply need to know that "they have NOT been forgotten"

Please pray for us as we minister to these broken people. Pray that they would see the light of Christ in us & that we would be able to share Jesus with them and their lives will be redeemed.
For Him~
Sid, Wendy + the Tribe
Thursday we spent time listening to people's stories of coming to Northern Uganda from South Sudan. Stories of loss. Stories of grief. We met orphaned children that strangers had brought across the border and continue to care for. We met an elderly widow desperate to just have a roof over her head. My heart is broken for these mamas, daddy's & children. People just like you and me who love their country yet fear for safety + not having things to meet their daily needs like food and medicine. We prayed over a sick mama. Transported an injured young man to a clinic. We played games and sang songs about Jesus with sweet little ones that have only been in their new home 2 weeks. This home. And yet there was chatting & laughter and playing. People surviving. People helping one another. People loving one another. My heart has been broken (Again) for what breaks His heart.
Levi back at school with his friend Lynette. He has finished this term of school and will return for the final term Sept.26th. Please pray for Levi as he continues to have chronic ear infections. We will see an ENT in Kampala in September to see if it's possible to place tubes in his ears again.
This young man was making his way through the bush walking out of South Sudan when he found these 3 little girls + their baby sister. They do not know where their parents are or if they are alive. The woman next to him is helping to care for the children. Please pray that these girls can be reunited with their family.
Thank You for your continued prayer for our family as we serve in Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Please continue to pray for these current prayer points. Blessings to ALL of you!
  • Pray for the start to our homeschool year
  • Pray for our Teacher Kayla that is joining us Sept. 1st
  • Pray for our ministry at the refugee camp
  • Pray for Baylie as she serves for 2 weeks with No.41 in Rwanda
  • Pray for Health for the WHOLE family
  • Pray as we continue the Ugandan adoption process
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